Monday, March 5, 2012

February Progress

This post is a few days later than usual - leap year had a different event for me....

February 29th - A day to remember

Below is a picture of water flowing towards the layout room (at the back of the house) from my modelling room (at the front of the house) ..... It's about 2 cm deep and the under felt is obviously drenched... We has 48mm of rain rather quickly (no we are not in a monsoon area) and my down-pipe from the gutter at he front of the house got blocked and you can see the results. Carpets have since been removed and they are attempting to clean or replace depending on cleaning outcome... Back to bare concrete at the moment.

This is going to slow progress for a while as I have a few other things to worry about....

Power Poles

Some of the finishing touches have been applied to Iron Hill and Stanvac with the addition of power poles .... and before you ask ... there will be no power lines...

BJ applied some additional ground cover and bushes to integrate with the backdrop to cover a few areas where some gaps were showing.

The railway gates have been installed.


The building footprint has been redesigned where the Huntington Branch head out of Daveyston. The idea is that a wide street with a railway line in the space which disappears from the town area between two buildings. The building facade lines and heights were decided and BJ sketched the desired look in order for Bill2 to scratch-build buildings to complete the scene.

I printed styles of brickwork on card for the building exteriors.

BJ's sketching...

Hornertown Township East

Retaining Wall

I downloaded some concrete and brick wall texture images from CG Textures using Microsoft Office Picture Manager I cropped sections to suit my needs and assembled them on a scale drawing in Microsoft Visio

80mm high concrete wall

82mm high stone wall with concrete piers
The were then printed on 120 GSM card and cut out.

Installing the curved 6mm thick section in place

This section is 80mm high and 980mm (38.5") long and utilised 4 sections of printed card.

Installing the 12mm thick section upon which low relief buildings will be placed

This section is 82mm high and 1200mm (47.25")long and utilised 5 sections of printed card.

Most of the retaining walls

Gluing the card stock to 12mm backing

The finished retaining walls in place

Abutment where both walls meet

Concrete wall showing formwork sections and cone holes

Background Buildings above retaining walls

Well it had all gone well until BJ glued down the ground cover and capillary action started. See the outcomes below - Note the pink stains.

Background Structure Building

The working mens' club seen above

Mainline Turnouts at bottom of the Helix

Mainline Block Wiring

Chris is back from Canberra and back to wiring power blocks in the vicinity of Hornertown East.

Lower Helix Approach

If it does not work "rip it out and try again! - for the second time....."

The work as outlined last month just did not meet the testing regime! So Rossco & I did it again, this time we changed the design to be far more reliable... The bridge is now redundant as the newer heavier trains needed a lesser grade hence the deviation - well that's our story....

Thanks must go to my crew who have helped me progress things again.

Till next month.